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How to Clean Pearl Jewelry?

Here are simple methods to clean pearl jewelry to preserve their luster:

  1. Prepare the following materials you will need: warm water, mild soap, soft lint-free cloth and storage pouch specifically for pearls.
  2. For a cleaning solution, mix few drops of mild liquid soap such as a baby shampoo with water and gently wipe the pearls using a soft cloth. It is important not to soak them as too much moisture can cause damage to the adhesive or strings of pearls.
  3. Rinse the pearls with another clean, damp cloth to remove any soap residue then pat dry with dry cloth.
  4. Allow pearls to air dry completely before storing them in a storage pouch or a separate compartment to prevent contact with your other jewelry.

If you're unsure about cleaning a specific delicate or valuable piece, always consider consulting a professional jeweler for guidance.

Proper cleaning and storage of pearl jewelry will help maintain its beauty and elegance.