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Pearl Care

Pearls are not the hardest of gems. They can be damaged with rough contact with other objects.  But with right amount of care and cleaning, they can last for generations. The following are our recommendations of taking care of your beautiful pearl jewelry:

1. Wear your pearl jewelry after you put on everything else. Cosmetics like perfume, make up and hairspray has chemicals that can eat away the nacre of the pearl, which makes it dull forever.

2. After use, wipe your pearl jewelry with a soft, clean, damp cloth without soap after use and then lay them on a towel to dry before putting them away.

3. Avoid wearing your pearl jewelry when cleaning the house or doing yard work. Cleansers and detergents contain chemicals that can damage pearls and gold alloys. In addition, chlorinated swimming pool water also is hazardous to pearls.

4. Pearl strands that are regularly worn should be re strung once a year to keep looking great.